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Current Projects
The example programs,circuits, projects and information on this web site are for educational purposes only. By downloading anything from this site, you agree to the "as is" nature of the programs, circuits, information and to the statements listed in this disclaimer.

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These are the current projects I am "working on" whenever I have some time.... All information regarding these projects is all here, if not I am working on getting it here. I do not have a lot of time to dedicate to answering emails.... but if what you have to say interests me, I might send a  reply.

New January 10, 2010
This is my Edrum Project (Electronic Drums) I had found this project on the web at, I had built everything for this project, the only thing I did not do for this project is write the code for the pic16F877A, Admir already did that so there was no reason to reinvent the wheel!!!

( July 19, 2009)

This project entails making a VLF receiver capable of flashing a bright lamp in synchrony with lightning bolts, this can indicate the proximity and intensity of the storm.
(New  July 11, 2009)
How I built a power producing Windmill Generator... its so easy, anyone can do it!

I ended up building my own PCB Mill to make my own circuit boards and do some general engraving. I built this machine from scratch, mostly from salvaged electronics and mechanical parts.
My truck did not have an armrest, so I decided to add one, but I went a step further than just a plain armrest.
This robotic project was aimed at constructing an autonomous roverbot that can traverse different terrains and interact with people. It will be able to recognize a limited number of voice commands, and be able to synthesize speech when necessary to communicate. It will also utilize different methods of charging its power cells, (i.e. Plug itself into outlet, Solar Charger, etc.)
This roverbot was built to be a test platform for differrent MCu's and sensors.

 A 12 RC Servo walker Bot.
CyLindro - I had this bot for a while he was primarilly a line following robot, but he is being upgraded!!

This project is being developed as an alternative input for the computer, for gaming applications, or for everyday computer use....
While browsing the web to look for some LED based projects out there, I ran across Bob Blicks Site
where he had this machanically scanned LED clock (Seven LED's spinning, giving the illusion of numbers floating in the air). After seeing his and ones built by others, I knew I had to build me one of these.
After building Bob's version, I decided to design and build another one from scratch. This Mechanically scanned LED display does 3 different modes, Digital Clock Mode, Analog Clock Mode, and Scrolling Message Mode. This version also uses 10 LED's instead of 7.
After building the mechanically scanned LED clocks above, I decided to build a portable handheld device that would take advantage of peoples Persistence Of Vision (POV).
LED clocks are so common, so I figured I would make one with a twist!

I have tons of LED's.... so I decided to make another POV device....
This project uses some LED Driver IC's from Maxim interfaced to an OOPIC II MCu...

100 LEDs controlled by 6 lines on a Pic16F84A Microcontroller!!
I've seen quite a bit of BEAM robotics and projects on the web,
so I figured why not.
Light Seeking BEAM Head Project

This BEAM Project entails using an RC servo as a Bi-Core driven Light Seeking Head
433 Mhz Transmitter / Receiver Project
I needed a way to remotely control a robot from a long distance with minimal interferance, these modules can easilly interface to a PC (via TTL to RS232 Module) or MCu.
Another 433 Mhz TX/ RX Project

I needed a simple sensor that would let a robot know what its heading is, while doing some "mapping" of its environment. I found this sensor sufficient for a basic direction indicator.


Gameboy Camera Hack
This project entails hacking into a Gameboy Camera and utilizing Mitsubishi's Artifical Retina IC for robotic sight.

This project utilizes the SP03 Speech Synthesizer Module for speech synthesis in robots.

This Project utilizes the SpeakJet IC by Magnevation for speech synthesis in robots.
LMD18201 H Bridge
Vacuum Flourescent Display Interface to MCu Project
Various OOPIC II MCu Projects
Optical Encoder Project

This project Utilizes the Imaging IC inside an optical mouse to use as an encoder or for basic imaging in robotics.
GP2D12 High Speed IR Sensor:

One of the many different types of IR Rangers that SHARP puts out.
This model that I use has an analog output, and can easily interface to an MCu that has built in A2D capabilities such as the OOPIC MCu, and can detect objects at 10 to 80 cm.

SRF04 Sonar Ranger

A Sonar Ranger by Devantech.
The SRF04 works by transmitting an ultrasonic (well above human hearing range) pulse and measuring the time it takes to "hear" the pulse echo.

"One time use" Disposable Digital Camcorder.... It's not disposable now!!

This was the case cover mod I did for the contest...

Another XPC mod.
ENVIROTROL (Environment Controller) a PIC based Environment controller for Vivariums/Pludariums, etc...